Microlearning on Menstrual Cycle Tracking

Initially, you learn to know exactly what your menstrual cycle is and what ‘normal’ looks like. Why is it important to track is presented, followed by how to track. The effect of contraceptives on the menstrual cycle and how to track when using one is covered next.  The final sections cover how to train and periodize training based on your menstrual cycle.

The course ends with various learning activities to help you cement your learning.

What’s in this Microlearning course?

  1. Learning resources (Glossary, Reference List, Workbook, Video Transcripts).
  2. Course Overview (The 7 min video shown above).
  3. MLU 1: Know your Menstrual Cycle (14 min video).
  4. MLU 2: Tracking (20 min video).
  5. MLU 3: Contraceptives (18min video).
  6. MLU 4: How to Train (14 min video).
  7. MLU 5: Periodization (6 min video).
  8. Course Summary (7 min video).
  9. Consolidation Activities (15 min).
  10. FAQ’s (36 min video with the questions written out and linked to where they are answered).
  11. Feedback form.
  12. Micro-Credential application form.

Got more questions about Microlearning? Check out our FAQ webpage.

What People Are Saying About This Course:

Comprehensive. Great information. Helping women understand our cycle and how we can use that information to our advantage. VICKI OTTO (USA).

The Dr. Stacy Sims Microlearning Units are absolutely fantastic and have vastly improved my knowledge. I love the fact that I can dip into it for 10-15 minutes at a time and then pick it up easily later on, which suits my busy and hectic lifestyle. My athletes will gain so much from all I've learned! KELLY MEPHAM (GREAT BRITAIN).

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