Microlearning on Iron Supplements

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This Collection of Microlearning Units (MLU) is designed to educate you on Iron Supplements.

Initially, you will learn exactly what iron is, what normal levels are, and how iron uptake is regulated. Supplementation in relation to the menstrual cycles is covered along with iron overload and iron deficiency.  Towards the end, you will learn practical lessons on dosing and how to read the packaging labels to bypass the marketing and get to the truth.

The course ends with various activities to help you cement your learning.

What’s in this Microlearning course?

  1. Learning resources (Glossary, Reference List, Workbook, Video Transcripts).
  2. Course Overview (The 6 min video shown above).
  3. MLU 1: What is Iron (7 min video).
  4. MLU 2: Clinical Tests and Normal Ranges (9 min video).
  5. MLU 3: Iron and the Female Athlete (5 min video).
  6. MLU 4: How to Supplement (10 min video).
  7. MLU 5: What to look for in a Label (6 min video).
  8. Course Summary (7 min video).
  9. Consolidation Activities (15 min).
  10. FAQ’s (27 min video with the questions written out and linked to where they are answered).
  11. Feedback form.
  12. Micro-Credential application form.

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What People Are Saying About This Course:

I love these incredibly insightful snippets; they provide a brief deep dive into subjects that we don't know too well. I especially love the tools you gain in being able to assess the quality of a product you are thinking of purchasing. SAMANTHA DENICHAUD (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES)

Dr. Stacy Sims is doing it again! She makes science not only easy to understand but easy to IMPLEMENT in real life. I love everything she and her team has put out. ASHLEY B BATES (USA).

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