Microlearning on Adaptogens

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This Collection of Microlearning Units (MLU) is designed to educate you on Adaptogens.

Initially, you will learn what adaptogens are and how they work. From there, you will learn the indications and dosages for 4 stimulatory and 2 calming herbal-based adaptogens. Then I cover 4 medicinal mushroom-based ones. In the last section, I show you how to read labels to make sure you are getting the right stuff and finish with 3 case studies to really bring it home.

The course ends with various learning activities to help you cement your learning.

What’s in this Microlearning course?

  1. Learning resources (Glossary, Reference List, Workbook, Video Transcripts).
  2. Course Overview (The video shown above).
  3. MLU 1: Overview of Adaptogens (13 min video).
  4. MLU 2: Popular Stimulatory Herbal Adaptogens (21 min video).
  5. MLU 3: Popular Calming Herbal Adaptogens (11 min video).
  6. MLU 4: Popular Mushroom Based Adaptogens (13 min video).
  7. MLU 5: Implementation (18 min video).
  8. Course Summary (7 min video).
  9. Consolidation Activities (15 min).
  10. FAQ’s (30 min video with the questions written out and linked to where they are answered).
  11. Feedback form.
  12. Micro-Credential application form.

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What People Are Saying About This Course:

I'm a big fan of Stacy Sims and her work. Her teachings are very interesting and always with a scientific background. There are always many resources to dig deeper into. Not only are we learning the theory but also the application, which is the part I love. Thank you for bringing women in sports to a higher level, Stacy! ANNE BAVELAAR (ITALY).

Great way to learn more about the different types of adaptogens and how to implement them. RUTH MURPHY (USA).

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