Microlearning on Pregnancy and Exercise

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This collection of Microlearning Units is designed to introduce you to pregnancy from an exercise perspective. Initially, you will learn about the effects of exercise on pregnant women and then about exercise recommendations. There is a whole unit on exercise strategies from birth to one year after birth. The final section gives practical examples in the form of six case studies.

The Collection ends with various learning activities to help you cement your learning. The time required to fully complete this Microlearning Course is approximately 2.5 hours.

What’s in this Microlearning Collection?

  1. Learning resources (Glossary, Reference List, Workbook, Video Transcripts).
  2. Collection Overview (The 4 min video shown above).
  3. MLU 1: Pregnancy Overview (31 min video).
  4. MLU 2: Effects of Exercise (23 min video).
  5. MLU 3: Exercise Recommendations (17 min video).
  6. MLU 4: Post-Partum (21 min video).
  7. MLU 5: Case Studies (17 min video).
  8. Consolidation Activities (15 min)
  9. Feedback form.
  10. Micro-Credential application form.

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