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After 1 week Next Level was #118 out of all books on USA Today. Also, click on that link to read the reviews.

For active women, menopause hits hard. Overnight, your body doesn’t feel like the one you know and love anymore—you’re battling new symptoms, might be gaining weight, losing endurance and strength, and taking longer to bounce back from workouts that used to be easy. The things that have always kept you fit and healthy just seem to stop working the way they used to.

But menopause doesn’t have to be the end of you kicking ass at the gym, on the trail, in the saddle, or wherever you work out. Once you understand your physiology, you can work with it—not against it—to optimize your performance. That’s where Stacy Sims, PhD comes in. In Next Level, you’ll learn the underlying causes of menopause: the hormonal changes that are causing all the symptoms you’re feeling, and their impact on your wellness and performance. Then, what you really came for—what to do about it. Inside you’ll find science-backed advice about training, nutrition, sleep and recovery and supplements, as well as sample exercise routines, meal plans, macronutrient planning charts, and case studies from real women Stacy has coached through the transition. It’s the ultimate guide to navigating the Next Level.

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Stacy T Sims PhD

Stacy T Sims, PhD, is a forward-thinking international exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist who aims to revolutionize exercise nutrition and performance for women. She has directed research programs at Stanford, AUT University, and the University of Waikato, focusing on female athlete health and performance and pushing the dogma to improve research on all women. Her first book (ROAR) explains sex differences in training and nutrition across the lifespan and challenged the existing dogma for women in exercise, nutrition, and health. This paradigm shift is the focus of her famous "Women Are Not Small Men” TEDx talk. Her latest book is called Next Level and it is focused on crushing goals through menopause and beyond.

Selene Yeager

Selene Yeager has authored, co-authored, and contributed to more than two dozen book titles and her work has appeared in numerous media including Details, Shape, O, the Oprah Magazine, Bicycling, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Marie Claire, Better Homes & Gardens, Good Housekeeping, Runner’s World, More, Cooking Light, and Cosmopolitan. When not writing and podcasting, Yeager lives what she writes as a NASM-certified personal trainer, Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach, USA Cycling certified coach, off-road bike racer, and former All-American Ironman triathlete.


Sarah, Reviewer

Yay!! In the past I’ve had to cobble together information about nutrition and training for young people and menopause information for women who don’t train and try to “mesh” it all together for my specific case (post menopausal athlete). Thankfully, Sims and Yeager have researched and written all of the information we women need in one place. This book is so thorough! From the training and staying fit aspect, nutrition, keeping strong and healthy, there is so much excellent practical advice and specific information, I’m overwhelmed in the best way! I made so many highlights and now I’m eager to put the advice into action! I will definitely recommend to my other female athlete friends! Highly recommended!

Angela, Reviewer

This is a book that needed to be written (much earlier!). Loaded with information and targeted for athletes, this book is perfect for all women who are going through menopause or pre-menopause whether they are athletes or not. Highly recommended.

Melissa, Librarian

Powerful information in a sea of books that otherwise tell you there's nothing you can do about menopause, so get comfy and drink your tea, old lady! This is marketed towards athletes, but I suspect the information is useful to all women wanting to transition into their later years with less discomfort and loss of vitality.

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Where can I buy NEXT LEVEL?

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