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Menopause 2.0: Next Level Training for Optimal Performance.

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Now is the time to reach your potential using science-based strategies designed specifically for menopausal women.  I can deliver over 25 years of training and nutrition research and experience in a clear and inclusive way as I take you on a journey of change and opportunity.



The Menopause 2.0 course is the culmination of the latest research and over 25 years of my experience. It is designed for peri, menopausal and post-menopausal women interested in using science-based strategies to help them continue to perform and live their best lives.  

Core Course. This is a comprehensive science-based course about menopause like no other out there.  It’s five Modules containing over 20 Chapters of video-based learning material in a relaxed, informative, non-threatening style.

Help with your learning. There is supplementary learning material for each Module, links to other interesting and relevant content and critical thinking exercises.

Recognition. A Course Completion certification will be issued once you have completed the course.

Technical support. We take great pride in the quality of our support and we aim to have a response back to you within 24 hours.

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The Menopause 2.0 course gets an overall rating of 4.8/5.0, and 98% of respondents recommend the course to ALL active women over 45 (over 210 reviews).

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The Menopause 2.0 Course Modules

1. The Science of Menopause

In this module, I will take you through what is menopause, review the hormones associated with it and look at the common symptoms and theories behind the causes.

2. Interventions

In this module, I will look at interventions like Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and then suggest alternatives that might be appropriate for some people.

3. Training for the Menopausal Athlete

In this module, I will talk about how our training needs are changing due to our changing body.  I cover how to train, when to train, how hard to train, and what sort of training to do.

4. Nutrition for the Menopausal Athlete

In this module, I will dive deep into nutritional aspects of menopause and talk about some of the fad diets out there.  I will talk about how to change your diet to match what is going on with your body.

5. Case Studies

In this module, I will go over 9 case studies of women I have worked with.  I go into detail about their situation when I first saw them, then what we did, and then the outcome. I am sure you will find a huge amount of practical information on nutrition and training that applies to yourself here.


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Value: Revisit the content as you have access to course materials for a year. 

Self Help: Using keywords, you can search all the content to go straight to your topic of interest (once all the Modules have been released). 

Recognition: A course completion certification.

Common Questions about Menopause 2.0

  • How is this course different from the Menopause for Athletes course?
  • How is this course different from the Next Level book?
  • What if I have already done the original Menopause for Athletes course?

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What is the  Menopause 2.0 Course like?

Here is a short version of one of the case studies.



  • 5¬†Modules (57 Chapters) of learning totaling over¬†15 hours of¬†educational time, including nine detailed case studies.
  • Links to other interesting and relevant content.
  • Critical thinking exercises.
  • Keyword searchable access to all the¬†videos so you can find a topic quickly and easily.
  • Access to this content, plus any changes, for as long as we offer this version of the course. (Learn¬†why we don't offer it 'forever').
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What do my courses look like?

Here is the first five minutes of the second chapter in the Training Module.  This typical chapter gives you the theory and some practical examples.


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